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Why Donations?
Although Low Magic Age is mainly focused on the gameplay, high-quality art and music resources are still necessary, otherwise the game content and playing experience will be affected. These resources cost a certain amount of money.
On the other hand, most of the participants of the project are not full-time at the present stage. Interests and passions make us spent a lot of time and effort to this game, but it is unlikely to invest a lot of money in.
We given a very favorable Early Access price on Steam to thanks the players who grew up with this game and given us long-term support. But the follow-on problem is the sales may be not enough for subsequent expenses of game resources and website maintenance, etc.
So we opened this donation channel to get players' support. It will help us to continue developing and improving the game, constantly adding new content and gameplay, building the common dream game of us and our players!
What we will use the money for:
The donation funds will be used to purchase game resources, such as character portraits, battle avatars, item icons, illustrations, scenes, fonts, music, and website maintenance fees, etc..
Once again, thanks for your love and support, whether materially or spiritually. It's the biggest driving force that encourage us to continue the development!
How to Support Low Magic Age?
1、Post relevant information and pictures of Low Magic Age to your favorite forums and communities, share this game with your family, friends and schoolmates, etc.
2. PayPal donations are gratefully received:
Donor list
Donors Time Donation Amount
A. Kye 2022.04.24 100 USD
DeLastOne (Fernandez B.) 2019.12.02 50 USD
Sanders W 2020.2.07 20 USD